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The Farming Team Brings Collaboration Across Australia's Farming Ecosystem

18 Sep
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The Farming Team, launched recently at Xerocon Melbourne 2017, is a collaboration between eight innovative companies aimed at educating Australian farmers on best practice cloud applications to run their farming businesses. Along with facilitating the setup and training of farmers on this integrated ecosystem of apps, The Farming Team also connects farmers with professional service providers who can provide ongoing support for these apps, as well as business advisory, agronomy and agri-banking services.

The innovative companies partnering in The Farming Team collaboration include:
Xero (accounting software)
Figured (farm management accounting software)
Agworld (crop production software)
AgriWebb (livestock management software)
MarketCheck (grain marketing platform)
TrueCrop (direct distributor of crop protection products)
Agmarket (online marketplace for farm machinery & equipment)
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CommBank)

One of the key drivers behind the launch of The Farming Team collaboration is to give farmers access to and ongoing support for these integrated apps, which they may not be able to get in their local area. Even when farmers are looking for new apps to help them make better business decisions, they do not necessarily know how to begin, have access to training or ongoing support. The Farming team hopes to solve this problem by bringing it all together in the one service.

Farmers can go to The Farming Team website, where they can submit their details to request a set up and training session on any of the cloud applications relevant to their farming businesses. The Farming team will set up, integrate and train the farmers in these apps. Farmers can also request a connection to a professional services provider in bookkeeping, tax & compliance, business advisory, succession planning or agri-banking services.

Rob Stone, National Partner Director at Xero Australia
“The $60 billion agricultural industry is one of Australia’s most important sectors, so it’s important we equip our farmers with the tools and training they need to be successful. We’re keen to provide support and education to farmers on the best ways to harness cloud software and modern technology. The collaborative ecosystem of software providers and financial institutions is a unique opportunity to help our agricultural businesses grow, and one we are proud to be a part of as champions for small business.”

James Black, GM Australia at Figured Limited
“Figured is proud to be partnering with such innovative companies to bring this great initiative to Australian agriculture. For me it is extremely pleasing to see The Farming Team collaboration partners take a leading position in driving such positive change in the market. The goal of this collaborative effort is to change the Australian farmer’s mind set from focussing purely on production and yield, to focussing on long term sustainable profitability. By achieving this, The Farming Team hopes it will have a long term positive impact on Australian agriculture"

Simon Foley, GM Australia at Agworld
“The benefit of new technologies is only realised through adoption, however the creation of good quality farm business data that can be shared seamlessly within the farm business and with those trusted advisors serving the business, will change the game. Agworld is excited to be part of the progressive team driving real value for farmers, and those serving them, through connected solutions”

Kevin Baum, CEO at AgriWebb
“We are thrilled to be working with fellow leaders in the digital agriculture space and are excited about the potential of ‘The Farming Team’ to help Australian farmers, and further enhance Australia’s position as a global leader in agriculture. Cloud-based software platforms hold incredible potential, and the benefits are magnified through collaboration to create simple and powerful offerings for our farmers. We look forward to working with Figured and Agworld to create better integrated customer experiences and enhanced value for our users.”

Tim Harvey, General Manager Strategy & Innovation at CommBank
“CommBank is proud to be collaborating with a group of trusted partners from across the agricultural industry. We look forward to leveraging our shared capabilities to help Australian farmers achieve better farming outcomes, as we continue to enhance our financial services for our agribusiness customers.”

To find out more about The Farming Team, go to, @farmingteamaus or ask any of the collaboration partners for more information.